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Many people do not believe in the practice of chiropractics...But I DO!!! The best Chiropractors are the ones that your friends refer you to. That is how I learned about Sherwood Chiropractic. Dr. "Barry" Sherwood, is absolutely the person for you if you have a  past history of injury, if you are athletic and active, if you have had serious injuries or if you just aren't sure what is going on with your body. Dr. Sherwood WILL find the cause of your problems and he will strive to find the best and safest adjustment for your personal situation. Dr. Sherwood is NOT a "cookie cutter" Chiropractor, he is a doctor who is always educating himself on the complex buildup of the body.  Depending on what your body needs, will determine the amount of time Dr. Sherwood will take to get you feeling right again. I say all this because I KNOW!! I have been a patient of Sherwood Chiropractic for almost two years now. I am athletic, I have a history of past injuries and I needed someone who would help me understand my body and how to fix it naturally...NO surgery and NO medication. This is what Dr. Sherwood has done for me and he WILL do the same for you!!  Kimber, Mountain Home

I was hit in the face and teeth with a  baseball and have suffered jaw pain for 7 years, I had relief after one visit with Dr. Sherwood, and complete lasting relief after 6 visits.  I no longer suffer with headaches also.  Cheri, Boise

I suffered with Migraines for 7 years, and I got relief in 2 visits, and lasting relief after 4 visits. Emily, Boise

I've lived with polio my entire life and have suffered sleepless nights and constant pain in a hip that can not be replaced.  I see dr Sherwood on a regular basis, and live pain free every day.  With out the Barry snd Mindy's care I would be in a wheel chair.  Richard, Boise

I had Shoulder, hip, knee, and neck pain for years, and I am an avid runner and athlete, after a few visits most of my complaints were gone, I continue to see Dr. Sherwood on a regular basis to perform at the highest possible level in all of my sports activities. Andrea, Boise

I had shoulder and neck pain, and Dr. Sherwood relieved it in a few visits, I had some relief the first day. Linda, Boise

I wrecked on my motorcycle, and dislocated my shoulder and Barry and Mindy relocated it one visit and fixed the whiplash the same day.  after they rehabbed my torn rotator cuft. Alex, Boise

I had brutal migraines, and no one could relieve them, medications would not take them away. I got relief in one visit, Treva, Boise

I've wrecked on motorcycles and skis a multitude of times, and work as a concrete worker so I do hard work all day.  Barry always puts me back together faithfully and with great confidence.  I can't imagine life with out him and would never go anywhere else, Shane, Boise

I have never known a Chiropractor with this extensive of insight on injuries and the human conditions, unbelievable work! Tamara, Boise







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